A Home For Everyone


"An innovative collaboration between Rene Sawyer Realty and C.S.H. Builders"

The American Dream For Everyone

There was a day when homes were affordable.

Families could buy a home, build a life, create memories, celebrate holidays, and invest in their future with a comfortable home.

Entire neighborhoods were filled with kids riding bikes, playing basketball, and spending summers enjoying life.

That was the American Dream, wasn’t it? Buying a house and building a home that would host many of your most precious memories now seems almost like an unreachable dream for many Americans.

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Home prices have become increasingly unaffordable

Homes have gotten bigger, loans have gotten more expensive, and down payments have gotten almost impossible for many.

The American Dream of buying and owning your own home is an increasingly out of reach dream for many hardworking Americans.

But, at Project:Home we are setting out to change that.

We are on a mission to bring the American Dream back to hardworking families in Edenton and beyond. 

Since 2006, I've been helping people find a home and build a life in Edenton.

I’ve helped first time home buyers start their home ownership journey, retired couples downsize and sell their homes to the next generation so they can make cherished memories with their families, and people build their dream home.

For 17 years, I’ve helped people of all ages, from Edenton and beyond, find, build, and buy the homes of their dreams.

What is Project:Home?

Brand-New Homes, Built By Local Contractors

you Choose the design and layout of your home

Move-In-Ready in less than 12 months.

Choose from our existing inventory of lots, or build on yours

Homes starting under $200,000(including Land and Home!)

Professional Guidance through The Entire Process

With Project:Home, you really can build your own home.

Project:Home brings together the expertise of two exciting Edenton-based businesses to build a home even better than you can purchase. 

When you partner with Project:Home, you get a real home built from the ground up by local contractors, using modern construction methods, designed to last a lifetime.

Check out some of the homes you can build through Project:Home


Project:Home is a unique partnership between Rene Sawyer Realty and C.S.H Builders

Rene Sawyer Realty and C.S.H. Builders are teaming up to bring the dream of home ownership back to Edenton’s middle class.

Together, we are building Edenton’s next generation of homes.

And we want YOU to be a part of this exciting new program.

We guide you every step of the way, supporting you from beginning to end

Finding the ideal lender for you

Choosing the right location

Selecting the ideal floor plan

Building Your Home quickly